sexta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2007

New dresses

Credits for Samanta:
HAIR: Ingenue, Rachel SKIN: CHAI, Mistress SHOES: ZHAO, Miabella Jewelry: Caroline's

Credits for Personality:
HAIR: Calla, Sunflower in golden blonde SKIN: CHAI, Mistress SHOES: L&E, Eva Pumps in Snow Jewelry: Caroline's

Credits for Marley:
HAIR: CJ Hair,Kendra in brown SKIN: MMSkin, update group freebie SHOES: ZHAO, Chelle in Gold Jewelry: OPIUM, Luna earrings

Credits for Horizon:
HAIR: Kin, Ash inblack SKIN: (CS) Vogue, Champagne, Fall-1 SHOES: ZHAO, Miabella Jewelry: LC: Poema necklace (the earrings are mine, not released)

quarta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2007

Wonderful gifts

I love Chrsitmas gifts!

I got these group gifts from Melanie Zhao and I loved them so much I just had to blog them. She sent a fat pack of gifts, but the one I loved most was the one called "the ultimate face light". Turns out it's the huge elaborate set of lights with a big sign on top "It's all about me!".

I just LMFAO! It reminds me of that character from "Absolutely Fabulous", a british TV sitcom I used to love! Of course I've learned Melanie is british... I've also learned she is the talented shoe designer from ZHAO. And look at my second favorite gift:

A shoe-chair! And with a wonderful animated sit. Thank you, Melanie, for the wonderful gifts!
Oh, btw, the gorgeous lingerie set I'm wearing in the pictures was also a gift, from Jasmin Marquez, designer of "'Nuff".

quinta-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2007

Group members' freebie

Join PERSONA Update Group and get a special Christmas gift. Search for PERSONA in Groups or IM me for an invitation. Once you join, look for the group's notices to see the attachments.

I am finally starting to have a break from RL duties and I couldn't wait to put my hands in my Photoshop. Here's a sneak peek of what's to come from PERSONA. Yay!

See ya!!

terça-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2007

For boys and girls

New poses available at ANIMAH!

And an invitation: if you want to receive first-hand news from us, please look for ANIMAH in Groups and join for free. You'll be very welcome!

Enjoy! :)

sexta-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2007

HELP - Still playing...

George, John, Paul and Ringo.

Myllie, Byte, Mui and Steve.

Phoenix, Nauka, Byte and Mui.

I made these just for fun, 'cause I really love the Beatles and I wanted to make a fun group poseball. I haven't set it for sale yet. Do you guys think I should?

My thanks to my frieds and models: ByteDreams Slade, Mui Mukerji, Steve Hansen, Phoenix Chapman and Nauka Umaga.

quarta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2007

Playful mood

I had a child's moment yesterday night and made this little animation. I've seen snow only once, but never really played in it, though I'd love to. I gave it as a holiday gift for a bunch of people, but I wish everyone would be able to play, so I'm placing it as another freebie in ANIMAH. You're all invited to play!!!

Now, my friend Annah tagged me, again!!! For the rules and such, check her blog:

My answers:

1-) I was really really priviledged. I can't remember any Christmas gift that wasn't attended by my parents, even without my asking. (Spoiled? You think?)
2-) This Christmas, I want REST and FOOD!
3-) Sky is the limit? I want the utopy of everyone living in harmony and working for love, not money, just the pure motivation of doing what you came here to do, sharing your gifts and talents freely. If everyone could do it, we wouldn't need money and everyone would be attended in their needs and have abundance.

I tag: Delilah Karas, Sherpa Davies, Encore Mayne, Gillian Waldman and Tymmerie Thorne.

Merry Christmas!

quarta-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2007


Real Life got me pretty good and I don't think I'll be able to hang around in SL much untill after Christmas. I'll be checking my emails constantly and I'll do my best to log in every time it's needed, but new releases will have to wait a while.

I wanted to give a little something to everyone as a Christmas gift, though. So, I released those animated poses as FREEBIES. They are 5 animated stands and 4 flying animations (the "Flying up" is static), you can put inside your AO Hud (ZHAO or Franimation, or whatever).

They're all available at ANIMAH

Please, come get your Christmas gift! I hope you enjoy!

With all best wishes,


segunda-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2007

I've been tagged

My goodness, I got this "tag" message from Phoenix, but then I had a quick look at Planet and I see almost everyone is alredy tagged? How will I tag 8 people? Have you been tagged already?

Here are the rules:
(1) Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
(2) People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.
(3) At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
(4) Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

So here are my 8 random facts:

1- Ok, this is funny and kinda gross, too, but here it goes: Once I had a dog who ate a used condom she found in the streets (I know... gross). Later that day, she puked the "thing" in my living room (that's how I found out she had eaten it). As if it weren't enough, my boyfirend had come visit me that day and accused me of cheating on him when he saw the "art" my little dog had done.

2- I have the cutest little dog named Hercules and I'm afraid he thinks he's as strong as the mithological character. When we're walking in the streets, he barks and teases with every big dog he finds in his way.

3- I once worked as a waitress in London's British Museum (looong time ago). I used to be in the icecream cart outside of the museum and we sold small cups of mineral water for an absurd price in pounds. One day, I had an american customer who asked me how much was the water, and when I answered, she furiously said "That is disgusting!" and almost threw the cup in my face. I actually agreed with her.

4- When I was about 5, I used to play a little game with my mum: I took a note ($) from her wallet and asked her how much candy I could buy with that note. Usually it was a very small note, so I could get like 5 or 10 bubblegums with it. One day, she was busy and not really in the mood to play and I took a very large note from her wallet and asked as usual: "How much candy can I buy with it?" - She replied impatiently "Nothing!" - "Nothing?! - I said. - "Then It's useless!" and I ripped the note into pieces.

5- When I was a teenager (I was a pain...) learning english, I started to get frustrated with the bad translations I found in the movie theaters (in Brazil), especially regarding the titles of the movies. One day I was in the cinema with a boy I was really interested in and wanted to impress him every way I could. When the movie started (I really don't remember which one) and the first announcements began, I quickly "corrected" one more bad translation, in my view: "Oh, here they come again! They translated it all wrong! It's obvious the original title of the movie is TOUCHESTONE PICTURES!"

6- My husband and I have the exact same numbers for the count of total letters in our names: 11. The exact same number for the count of vowels: 3 and the same number for the count of consonants: 8 (I love Numerology)

7- Sometimes my husband gets jealous of the time I spend in front of the computer when I'm home. Every once in a while, he waits till I get a bit distracted and types in MY keyboard "I love my husband" - So, if it happens to you while you're talking to me in-world, nevermind.

One more? Wow, I ran out of things to say...

8- I hate fancy food. Basically, anything that's expensive is not very appealing to me. My favorite food ever is the traditional brazilian "rice and beans".

Okay, finished! Uff!

Here are are my 8 "nominees" for the Tag award:
Tenshi Vielle, Iris Seale, Encore Mayne, Loren Fitzgerald, Anessa Stine, Lucyanni Writer, Tymmerie Thorne and Natalia Zelmanov.

Sorry if it's repeated (it's not, as far as I could see), I tried to get people I know to have blogs.

sexta-feira, 30 de novembro de 2007


As has been discussed in the comments of a previous post, many people don't know how to work with layers in SL, to mix and match and vary your outfits. SL provides us with a range of possibilities and limitations also. If you're already familiar with layers, this post will be completely useless. But if you want to read and add/correct anything I've written, please do!

I don’t know if I can call it a tutorial. I intend to make a simple explanation on layers in SL, how they work and why some designers (including me) put many layers for a single piece of clothing in their packs. Let’s just hope I can make myself understandable ;P. (please forgive the precarious English of a non-native speaker).

Ok, think of an onion and its many layers, one over the other, that’s how layers of clothing work in SL. There is a “hierarchy” to be followed. So, the SKIN is the primary layer an avie wears, nothing can go underneath it. The next ones are the UNDERSHIRT and UNDERPANTS layers. Then, come the SHIRT and PANTS layers, and then comes the JACKET layer. The SOCKS layer will be over the UNDERPANTS and underneath the PANTS layers. Oh, and there's also GLOVES, that comes over skin and UNDERSHIRT and stays underneath SHIRT and JACKET.

The layers work fine together when they respect that hierarchy but they conflict if you try to wear two pieces made in the same layer. You can only wear one of a kind of layer, not two SOCKS layers, for instance, as you could in RL.

The names “SHIRT, PANTS, JACKET, UNDERPANTS AND UNDERSHIRT” etc. are the names of the layers, not the names of the pieces of clothing, ok? I’ll be writing them in capital letters, to differentiate them from the names of the pieces of clothing. The names of the layers serve to guide us as to where they are in the hierarchy of layers, but one piece of clothing can be made in many layers. I can make lingerie in PANTS and SHIRT layers, for instance, and I do. Why? Why not only in UNDERPANTS and UNDERSHIRT, as they should in RL? Because tatoos are made in those layers and you wouldn’t be able to wear your tattoo AND a set of lingerie if you have only the underwear layers for both.

Also, in SL, not always the name of the layer correspond to the name of the item. For example, painted nails. If they are not prim nails, they can only come in GLOVES, for it is the only layer that covers your fingernails in SL. For the painted toes, they have to be SOCKS. So, you cannot wear red painted toes AND your favorite stockings, for SOCKS is the only layer that covers your feet.
Each layer will have a reach as to what it can cover in an avie’s body, and SL has some limitations in comparison to RL. So, the SHIRT will cover your torso, arms and part of the neck, but it only goes down to around the waist line, it won’t cover your lower abdomen or your lower back. For that, you will need a PANTS layer or a JACKET, which reaches all areas a SHIRT can reach, plus parts of what a PANTS layer can reach.

A blouse can come in a variety of layers. If that blouse is to cover the lower parts of your abdomen and back, it HAS to come in JACKET or, it can come in a set: SHIRT + PANTS or UNDURSHIRT + UNDERPANTS. But why not release only in JACKET layer if it’s enough to cover it all? Because you might want to mix and match, and wear that blouse with an open coat in JACKET layer or wear it with a pair of pants, giving the impression the blouse is tucked in. The JACKET would go over your pants, but you can wear it in a SHIRT layer piece alone, you see?

Ok, let’s see some examples in pictures:

Here I’m wearing my Sheer Buttoned Shirt in JACKET layer, with my High Waist Pants (without the high waist belt piece) in UNDERPANTS layer (it could be PANTS layer also, but I wanted to wear these wonderful long boots I got in Last Call and the PANTS layer wouldn’t go with them). I’m wearing a piece of my Well Behaved bra in UNDERSHIRT layer (which could also be in SHIRT layer with the same effect) underneath the sheer shirt.

Now, I don’t want my Sheer Buttoned Shirt to be sheer, but opaque. So, I wear that same shirt but in SHIRT and PANTS layers underneath the JACKET layer. Since my pants come in UNDERPANTS layer, it still stays underneath it all.

Now, I want to wear this lovely Philippa knit waistcoat I got from Annah Couture, over my Sheer Buttoned Shirt. So, I wear the waistcoat in JACKET layer and keep my shirt in SHIRT and PANTS. I don’t have the opaque option anymore, 'cause I can’t wear two layers of jacket, remember?

Now I’m wearing my shirt in SHIRT layer only, tucked in, with my high waist belt piece of the High Waist Pants, in JACKET layer.

My Woolen Tights, in order to cover hips, legs and feet, have to come in two layers:



Here is another example of a top blouse worn in SHIRT and JACKET layers. You can see there that the JACKET would cover the belt in the PANTS layer of the prim skirt base. Underneath the PANTS I’m wearing my Woolen Tights in UNDERPANTS layer.
So, that's it. I know it can be pretty confusing if you're not used to it. It would be easier to have only one option, but it wouldn't be as fun! Isn't it wonderful to be able to mix and match with your outfits?
Milla, I really hope this post can be helpful. :)
P.S. - I forgot to mention that I'm wearing Caroline Apolllo's "Cameo". I can't seem to take it off since I got it for FREE (group member's gift)!! I love it! Love it! Love it!

PERSONA in Sedna

Greetings, everyone!

Just a quick post to let you all know PERSONA has a new location. I love all my stores, but I needed more prim limits to make my mainstore, so here it is! I'm very close to my good friend Annah, from Annah Couture. She's just across the street. :)

And here I am posing for a pic inside the store. I'm wearing my "Sheer buttoned shirt" in beige, in shirt and pants layers and Annah's new "Philippa" in jacket layer. The pants are my "Stretch jeans - dark wash" in underpants layer. That reminds me, I need to write a simple tutorial for Layers in SL, as suggestion of Milla Michinaga. Layers tutorial, coming right up!

(If you want to visit the store, use this link.)

quinta-feira, 29 de novembro de 2007

Can't please everyone

Ok, before you read this, be warned: this is just a newly born business owner pouring her heart.

Today I've had my first angry customer. I've chosen the word "angry" on purpose, not "unsatisfied" or "complaining" or "demanding" even. She was just angry, and what's worse is that this anger was very badly disguised in a "for your own good" attitude (maybe it would have been better if she had just been frankly rude). I've realised I'd rather lose a customer than take this kind of attitude. I suppose this limitation of mine is not very good for business, but it's good for me. I will not tolerate bitterness, and I'm not sorry.

I'm fairly new to SL, I know I can be a newbie in so many aspects, there's a whole bunch I don't know about the tools and all, but responsability has nothing to do with it and I'm responsable with my business, which means I take the consequences of my actions. Although SL is just a game for many, I take my business there very seriously. I try to be respectful at all times, with people in general, customers or not, and I consider myself a fairly kind person.
I've had customers IMing me before with questions about how to use the layers in my products. Not everyone knows how layers work and I don't mind at all taking as much time as needed to try and help clarify their doubts, with pleasure! I actually love to do that. But if you come to me with rocks in your hands, all you'll get is my withdraw. I won't debate, I'll just cut the contact.
I try, whenever I can, to put all options of layers for a single piece, so that people can mix and match. Not everyone likes it, because that means one has to think before wearing everything that's in a pack. I could put only one option of layer, no thinking, just wearing. But then you'd have limitations. My "Sheer Buttoned shirt", for instance, could only come in "jacket" layer, for it to cover you belly button, and you wouldn't be able to wear it underneth a sweater or coat. My "woolen tights" have to come in two layers, because of an SL limitation: socks only won't cover your thighs and underpants only won't cover your feet. I've put an extra layer (pants) in the packs, because one customer asked me to. So, I chose "options" over "simplicity".
My prim attachments ALWAYS come with "mod" rights, even if the layer it comes with is "no mod", so that people can adjust it for their avies (I'd have to put an infinity of prims inside a pack if I wanted it to fit all shapes with no adjustment needs whatsoever. That is just not doable, there are too many shape possibilities).
I am very open to suggestions, queries, doubts etc. I'll ever consider a refund, which most business won't. I praise every feedback I can get, but plain bitter complaint won't get a good response from me. I'm far from thinking I know everything, quite the opposite, but one thing I know: no matter what, I can't please everyone.

Here are the IM's I got on my email this afternoon: (I've changed the mane of teh person to "Ms. Bitter", so I won't expose her)

[8:46] Ms. Bitter: (Saved Thu Nov 29 13:28:12 2007) trying to figure out how to wear your clothes....hmmmm....when I place tights on....the skirt shorts dissapear, visa versa......many other problems here as well.....I will keep working at it....but for right now....very discouraged with the products there....just glad I did not hand the LM out to my freinds as of yet......:(
[8:46] Ms Bitter: (Saved Thu Nov 29 13:38:30 2007) you realise that the plaid prim skirt has no belt as advertised on your product? offense...and I hope you don't minde critics to help you grow....(you are VERY new to sl).....but for now....after messing around with your clothes on me now.....I won't come back there any time soon....too all looks good on the wall....but not on you...I had to make my own tights so that they could actually stay on me when wearing the skirt....but....the skirt looks like....well..not good lets say :)......and no belt.....maybe in a might be pretty good but for now....whew....not good :( sorry xx
[8:46] Ms. Bitter: (Saved Thu Nov 29 13:39:59 2007) btw....I do have a just can't be seen...:(
[8:46] Ms. Bitter: (Saved Thu Nov 29 13:52:13 2007) sorry about the critisim but.....if I do not do it...then how will you know and improve? should do a simple follow up with ppl that have bought from you....ask them what do they think, whatt they REALLY think of your products....not putting you down...hopefully help you bring it up to par so that I can come back to buy....right now.....I wasted a lot of money there over the poor quality....I understand your zeal of sl.....but one can also place the cart before the proverbial horse as is fast and capricious in that you will stay there and grow...I just hope that your sl sagacity does as well...

(So I logged in and gave her refunds of all her purchases)
[8:51] Myllie Writer: Dear Ms. Bitter, I hope your refund will makke you feel less bitter. What can I say? I can't please everyone. If your so disappointed at PERSONA, please don't ever come back.
and 10 minutes later:
[9:01] Ms. Bitter: (Saved Thu Nov 29 14:57:50 2007) well Myllie....I thought you would thoroughly read my critic and not be effected by it, but grow from it.....ty for the refund.....just hate it that you can't take is part of your growing process and learing here and in rl.....guess you can't...and because of your attitude.....don't worry I won't be back there.....I was cordial in my IM to you and tried to show you in a I must say to you grow up in sl and espicially in have a LONG way to go in both my dear as I can clearly me a favor and ban me there so that I won't make a mistake on search and forget it plz :)) you will not last long, also you are on mute don't even try to respond hehe GROW UP :) xx

I wouldn't be so mean as to ban her, but since she asked so nicely, I did.

domingo, 18 de novembro de 2007


This is Greta, my new lingerie set. I took all the time I needed (I know I haven't released many clothes lately) to carefully craft on the details, and I think it was worth it. I love the results!

Also, I love the ad! It's by far the prettiest ad I've ever had. The model helps, of course! This is Ana Lutetia. Isnt't she beautiful?

manicure: Awesome Designs Manicure Glitter Nails Black

hair: Cake - Europa - Copper - Flexi Hair
eyes: []::Tuli::[] steel
eyeslashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
skin: TaP Vivant Buff Dakota 1
necklace: <*> LAST CALL: Poema Pearls (Combo) (Mystic Black/Ebony Lace)
bracelet: Calla Pearl Wrap Bracelet (Onyx)
shoes: TESLA - 'Natasha' stiletto

Oh, and last but not least, let me make more propaganda: the poses are all from ANIMAH ;P

quinta-feira, 15 de novembro de 2007

Fashion for a cause

I'm proud to participate in the SHINE fundraiser for Medecins Sans Frontieres, a charity fashion event put together by Alaska Metropolitan with Metro Models.
This limited edition dress will be on sale 'till the end of the event, around mid-december, and all preceeds will revert to Shine.
Come contribute for a good cause and look glamorous while you do it! Available in PERSONA

Cost of your good deed: L$300

For more info on Shine, go to:

terça-feira, 13 de novembro de 2007

Eye drops

In Brazil, we have an expression for beutiful things: "colírio para os olhos" (collyrium for the eyes, or something like that). I don't know the equivalent (if any) in English, but you get the idea.
I have met Steve Hansen in New Shoots, as he is one one the Metro Models. I thought to myself: that is the most beautiful male avie I've seen in SL! Other than that, he seems to be a very good photographer as well, and a sweet, sweet guy. Steve has been my male pose tester for the Male Shooting Poses - PACK01. Basically, when he said "yes, I like it", I put it for sale. When he said "not so much", I didn't.
He's been kind enough to allow me to post this texture below. I took the liberty to add ANIMAH's logo. My poor Murilo, I'm so sorry, but Steve looks a lot better! That makes think of the value of hiring modeling services in SL...

segunda-feira, 12 de novembro de 2007

Now MALE poses!

I'm releasing a new set of fashion poses, now MALE poses! They're hard to find in SL and, as I was making them, I realised they're harder to make! The male avie is strange... Maybe that's 'cause I'm a woman? I don't know...

Anyway, I finally finished a pack and it will be available in the ANIMAH store tomorrow, November 13th. As usual, you'll find them sold solely in our vendors (L$50) or in a pack with all 12 (L$500).

In case you're wondering where this cutie male model came from, well... sorry girls, he's not available (and as for you guys, keep cool for he is not a potential oponent). I'm afraid he's a girl: me ;P. But you can call him Murilo, like I do.

Murilo wears:
shirt and pants from FORM; shoes from SHINY THINGS (Murphys); skin from NOMINE and hair from Diversity Hair (Derek). Oh, and the blue eyes are from MIRIEL's.

;) see ya!

segunda-feira, 5 de novembro de 2007

Couple's poses and more!

I don't date in SL, as a matter of fact, I mostly work and that's it, but I just LOVE couple's poses and I know there aren't many options for cool, innocent ones out there. So I've made some. Aren't they cute?

The packs come with the poseballs already set, with copy and mod rights, AND the poses alone, so you can edit and adjust as you see fit.

I can't help myself, so I've made another pack of modelling poses too!

My partner, Annah Whitfield, has also made some gorgeous ones.

They're all available at our store, ANIMAH. I know poses have to be tried on, so come try them in our vendors!

Take care and have fun!