quinta-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2008

ANIMAH - new mainstore and new poses

Yay! New bigger location for ANIMAH!

Now we have categories separated in walls. The forst one on your left is for new releases. We have 3 new packs, come try them out! Cute! Cute! Cute!

On your right, the female poses.

At the back, couples and freebies.

And at the bottom left, the male poses. Two solitary packs, which reminds me: we have to make MORE!

Oh, and we've also released a fun set of group poseballs, but it's available for the ANIMAH Update Group members only. If you haven'ty joined yet, please do, and search for the gift in the notices history.

Have fun!

segunda-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2008

Kamian's buildings - PERSONA new mainstore

PERSONA has a new flagship store!!! Yay! And it’s beautiful too! Check it out:

This time I decided to call someone who really knows what he’s doing to build it. His name is Kamian Trescothick, take note, for he’s the man! Eolande was the one who told me about him. He's done wonders with her new store too (you can have a look here: http://eolande.wordpress.com/2008/01/27/new-at-eolandes/)
Kamian can make pretty much anything you have in mind, and if you don’t have much in mind, he can come up with great ideas.

Now, if you’re looking for a home, Kamian has a range of prefabs called “Aristocrat Homes”. You can check them in-world at his location, through a cool system where you can rezz the homes and walk inside them. Here is an idea of he has:

Check Kamian’s prefabs in-world: AristocratHomes

domingo, 27 de janeiro de 2008

Itaparica Casual classy

Greetings everyone!

Here are a few new releases from PERSONA. I've decided the look is a casual classy look (you might desagree... Let's hope not :P)

The blouses come in 4 packs of 3 colors also (L$180 each pack), and a pck for the white colorable (L$100). They come with the options of shirt and jacket layers.

The pants come in 3 colors, pants and underpants layers and optional prim slacks.

Now, this is a gift for the Update Group members only. Exclusive colors honoring Valentine's day: pinkish.
Just a reminder that PERSONA has a new flagship store. BEAUTIFUL!!! (I'll make a post for the new store soon). Please come visit! Want a quick tp? Click here. :)
Credits for the ads:
HAIR: ETD - Juliana in chocolate
JEWELRY: Caroline's - Pearl Shoulder Dust Earrings
SKIN: Another Skin - Eloh's Lf0 (modified)
SHOES: L&E - Eva Pumps in coal and
Shiny Things - Lady slingbacks Salome Edition in pearl (for the group exclusive ad)

sexta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2008


A new pack of poses from ANIMAH, coming soon!

Outfit: LAST CALL – “Nicole”; Shoes: ZHAO – “Chelle” in Gold; Hair: ETD – “Lynne-II” in cynnamon; Skin: Another Skin – “Lf0” (modified)

quinta-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2008

SALE ends tomorrow

A lot of great sales going on in SL, I know. Well, here goes a quick reminder that PERSONA's sale ends tomorrow, January the 18th, by midnight. So you still have some time to get the items for half the prices.
That's it for now. See ya!

sexta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2008

Another Fundraiser skin - PREVIEW

Do you like this skin? This is the version of Eloh's cf0 skin I've worked on, to donate to Another Fundraiser (http://anotherfundraiser.blogspot.com/). Let's say it's about 98% Eloh Eliot's and 2% mine. Still, unique. I made it with a soft, feminine makeup, that can be used on days or nights, discrete and classy. If you like it, it'll be available at Another Fundraiser locales pretty soon.
2 good news:
- It's gonna cost L$50
- All money raised from sales will be donated to UNICEF
Cool, huh?
The pack will come with 4 skins: freckled and pubic hair; freckled without hair; no freckles with pubic hair and no freckles without hair.
Oh, and the dragon tattoo is right there on the back, close to the right shoulder. Keep posted to hear about the release!
To see many other skins derived from Eloh's in Another Fundraiser, go to: http://www.flickr.com/groups/anotherskinmodclub

terça-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2008

Playing with Eloh's skins

A lot of work to do, unfinished textures of clothes waiting to be completed and all I can do is play with Eloh's skins. That girl really gave a LOT to us, her templates have it all. A little tweak and turn and I got my perfect brows. Some changes in the face marks and freckles, a litle more shading in the nose and a bit of color in the skin tone and that's it. I'm actually looking like my mother when she was my age (we look very much alike). I even made a cute little dragon tattoo that I don't have in RL. :)Thank you so much, Eloh!!!

50% SALE and new stores

Here are the news: I'm havind a 50% off sale in all my PERSONA items untill friday, the 18th of January. By the end of the month (hopefully), PERSONA will have a new mainstore location and ANIMAH will move to Sedna, where now is PERSONA's maistore. More space and more prims to everybody. Yay!
Oh, and the sale takes place only in Sedna. For a quick tp, click here.


sexta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2008

AH! ANIMAH! (new cuties)

I'm wearing Bossa Nova's "Pepper" outfit ( a gift from the SHINE event); shoes are from L&E, "Eva Pumps" in snow; CALLA hair "Double Daisy" in light blonde and skin from CHAI, "Nutmeg - mistress".

sorry, but I don't have the credits for Annah's in that ad... I'm sure she'll post that later.

Now, for the couple's ads, Murilo is wearing FORM jeans and shirt, skin from NOMINE.
I'm wearing PERSONA's Horizon set tank and PERSONA's High Waist pants; shoes are "Bella-special edition" from ZHAO; skin from CHAI, "Nutmeg - Nude" and hair from Frangipani, "Madison" in teak.