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As has been discussed in the comments of a previous post, many people don't know how to work with layers in SL, to mix and match and vary your outfits. SL provides us with a range of possibilities and limitations also. If you're already familiar with layers, this post will be completely useless. But if you want to read and add/correct anything I've written, please do!

I don’t know if I can call it a tutorial. I intend to make a simple explanation on layers in SL, how they work and why some designers (including me) put many layers for a single piece of clothing in their packs. Let’s just hope I can make myself understandable ;P. (please forgive the precarious English of a non-native speaker).

Ok, think of an onion and its many layers, one over the other, that’s how layers of clothing work in SL. There is a “hierarchy” to be followed. So, the SKIN is the primary layer an avie wears, nothing can go underneath it. The next ones are the UNDERSHIRT and UNDERPANTS layers. Then, come the SHIRT and PANTS layers, and then comes the JACKET layer. The SOCKS layer will be over the UNDERPANTS and underneath the PANTS layers. Oh, and there's also GLOVES, that comes over skin and UNDERSHIRT and stays underneath SHIRT and JACKET.

The layers work fine together when they respect that hierarchy but they conflict if you try to wear two pieces made in the same layer. You can only wear one of a kind of layer, not two SOCKS layers, for instance, as you could in RL.

The names “SHIRT, PANTS, JACKET, UNDERPANTS AND UNDERSHIRT” etc. are the names of the layers, not the names of the pieces of clothing, ok? I’ll be writing them in capital letters, to differentiate them from the names of the pieces of clothing. The names of the layers serve to guide us as to where they are in the hierarchy of layers, but one piece of clothing can be made in many layers. I can make lingerie in PANTS and SHIRT layers, for instance, and I do. Why? Why not only in UNDERPANTS and UNDERSHIRT, as they should in RL? Because tatoos are made in those layers and you wouldn’t be able to wear your tattoo AND a set of lingerie if you have only the underwear layers for both.

Also, in SL, not always the name of the layer correspond to the name of the item. For example, painted nails. If they are not prim nails, they can only come in GLOVES, for it is the only layer that covers your fingernails in SL. For the painted toes, they have to be SOCKS. So, you cannot wear red painted toes AND your favorite stockings, for SOCKS is the only layer that covers your feet.
Each layer will have a reach as to what it can cover in an avie’s body, and SL has some limitations in comparison to RL. So, the SHIRT will cover your torso, arms and part of the neck, but it only goes down to around the waist line, it won’t cover your lower abdomen or your lower back. For that, you will need a PANTS layer or a JACKET, which reaches all areas a SHIRT can reach, plus parts of what a PANTS layer can reach.

A blouse can come in a variety of layers. If that blouse is to cover the lower parts of your abdomen and back, it HAS to come in JACKET or, it can come in a set: SHIRT + PANTS or UNDURSHIRT + UNDERPANTS. But why not release only in JACKET layer if it’s enough to cover it all? Because you might want to mix and match, and wear that blouse with an open coat in JACKET layer or wear it with a pair of pants, giving the impression the blouse is tucked in. The JACKET would go over your pants, but you can wear it in a SHIRT layer piece alone, you see?

Ok, let’s see some examples in pictures:

Here I’m wearing my Sheer Buttoned Shirt in JACKET layer, with my High Waist Pants (without the high waist belt piece) in UNDERPANTS layer (it could be PANTS layer also, but I wanted to wear these wonderful long boots I got in Last Call and the PANTS layer wouldn’t go with them). I’m wearing a piece of my Well Behaved bra in UNDERSHIRT layer (which could also be in SHIRT layer with the same effect) underneath the sheer shirt.

Now, I don’t want my Sheer Buttoned Shirt to be sheer, but opaque. So, I wear that same shirt but in SHIRT and PANTS layers underneath the JACKET layer. Since my pants come in UNDERPANTS layer, it still stays underneath it all.

Now, I want to wear this lovely Philippa knit waistcoat I got from Annah Couture, over my Sheer Buttoned Shirt. So, I wear the waistcoat in JACKET layer and keep my shirt in SHIRT and PANTS. I don’t have the opaque option anymore, 'cause I can’t wear two layers of jacket, remember?

Now I’m wearing my shirt in SHIRT layer only, tucked in, with my high waist belt piece of the High Waist Pants, in JACKET layer.

My Woolen Tights, in order to cover hips, legs and feet, have to come in two layers:



Here is another example of a top blouse worn in SHIRT and JACKET layers. You can see there that the JACKET would cover the belt in the PANTS layer of the prim skirt base. Underneath the PANTS I’m wearing my Woolen Tights in UNDERPANTS layer.
So, that's it. I know it can be pretty confusing if you're not used to it. It would be easier to have only one option, but it wouldn't be as fun! Isn't it wonderful to be able to mix and match with your outfits?
Milla, I really hope this post can be helpful. :)
P.S. - I forgot to mention that I'm wearing Caroline Apolllo's "Cameo". I can't seem to take it off since I got it for FREE (group member's gift)!! I love it! Love it! Love it!

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Seona disse...

Thank you for posting this Myllie, it's very informative and useful! I have just started releasing my clothing in as many layers as possible as well, because I realised that if I was missing the options, my customers probably were as well! :)

<3 Sidd

Anônimo disse...

funny you would bring this tutorial up just when you did. your english is better than some native speakers by the way. i had your sheer shirt on the other day (jacket layer) and i wanted to find a skirt that would go with it. well i found the perfect skirt (a system skirt) but alas the bottom of the shirt was "tucked in". can one make a skirt on the pants layer so as to have the bottom of the shirt show up over it?

Myllie Writer disse...

Thanks Seona! I'm really glad you found it useful!

Encore, I'm afraid there's nothing you can do if the skirt was a system skirt. System skirts will start at waist line, so it will hide even the bottom of a shirt layer, not to mention a jacket layer. The only solution there would be to have the texture of the bottom of the shirt ON the system skirt, you know?

Tenshi Vielle disse...

/me falls over laughing

oh my GOD, Myllie. <3 <3 <3

Sherpa disse...

Wow, that was awesome. I find layers really confusing also, but I've never had it pointed out this clearly to me. I'm going to link to this on my blog :)

Milla Michinaga disse...

Excellent! I'm going to point all my questions to this page! Thank you :)

Phoenix Chapman disse...

Excellent guide, Myllie XD

-Ana Lutetia- disse...

Awesome post! *hugs*


Myllie, you are the best :) No more problems to those who read fashion planet ;)

Elis disse...

Hey Myllie, thanks for this post. It was great reading material ; )).

Only one little remark, though: the glove layer does not come under everything, actually. Long gloves do cover a long sleeve shirt if it is on the undershirt layer.

<3 Elisama

Elis disse...
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Elis disse...
Este comentário foi removido por um administrador do blog.
Elis disse...

Oh god, I need to have my morning coffee before I start publishing stuff... Please delete the repeated messages. Thanks!

Myllie Writer disse...

hehe, thank you, guys!

Elisama, thank you for the glove thing. I was actually uncertain about it when I posted, said to myself I was going to check, and then forgot ;P


Marianne disse...

Thank you for this tutorial. I know most of it from before,but it's always new stuff to pick up. I am so happy that designers understand that their customers will mix and match. The most offer just one layer and that's all. I hate the bare belly-syndrome in SL. I think it could be a market for wide, tight belts on different layers, like jacket, pants and skirt, to cover up that disgusting open space between top and pants/skirt. I would buy such a pack, and I'm sure others will too.

Marianne disse...

Forgot to say, i will definitly buy your high waist pants! But a belt, like a wide leather belt with straps, to cover up the gap between ordinary SL tops and pants/skirts would be wonderful!

Myllie Writer disse...

Hi Marianne!

My High waist pants comes with a leather belt, but I think you can find a belt like that in Callie Cline's store.

women leather jackets disse...

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