terça-feira, 30 de outubro de 2007

Say cheese!

I feel inspired to pose for photos. Will I ever be able to stop?
Here are the new poses for ANIMAH .

I love them! Love them! Love them!

Oooh, and my partner Annah is coming up with some cuties too!

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

domingo, 28 de outubro de 2007



I have great news! My friend Annah Whitfield (from Annah Couture) and I have opened a store for poses in Southern Paradise! We are in love (with the poses, guys, not with each other, please)!

Annah has made the cutest poses and has put them all in a pack, or you can get them individually from the pose vendor, as well as my other 2 packs, previously posted in this blog.

So, no more poses in PERSONA's stores. They have gained a store and a a brand of their own, called ANIMAH

You're all invited to visit!

We hope to get our hands into animated poses and AO's pretty soon! Can't wait!

sexta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2007


I can't stop it, it's too addictive! There's a new 12 poses pack in my store in Axenfall. For those who were waiting more clothes releases, I'm so sorry, poses are taking all of me for the moment. I still love making clothes, though, I'll be back, I promise.

Or you can buy them individually from the vendor, same price as before, L$50 each, L$500 for the pack.

Also, I've released a fun freebie pose, that comes with the accessories in the picture: stool, lipstick and small mirror. OMG, I've just noticed a spelling mistake in my ad! :P I must correct that.

This one below is a pose I've made for the fashion charity event being put together by Alaska Metropolitan's Metro Models agency. The proceeds of this event will go towards Medicins sans Frontieres/Doctors without Borders (more info on MSF here: http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/aboutus/).
I'm not sure this pose is gonna be used, though. Anyway, I wanted to post the picture 'cause I really liked it. If they dont use it, I may do something else with it, let's see.
But if you're a designer (or content creator of any sort) and haven't heard of this event, you should check Alaska's blog (http://metromodels.wordpress.com/about/) or IM her or me in-world and I'll send you the note with instructions for participation.

terça-feira, 23 de outubro de 2007


I never stop looking for new poses, I love them! Last week I was sad to know that one of my favorite places to get them is going away of SL for good (Long Awkward Pose, by Dove Swanson). On the other hand, I was so happy Natalia Zelmavov made a pose tutorial! Natalia's the best! She writes the coolest tutorials and makes everything sound so easy! Her didatics seems to be natural, she probably was born like this. (If you dont know her blog yet, you MUST! Please check the links in this blog).

So, now I'm having a lot of fun figuring out how to make them. It's really fun! I picked a fashion magazine and observed the fashion pictures. I'm using what is probably the easiest tool (Qavimator) and I havent started on animated poses yet, just still ones. Let me show you what I've been doing:

The wall standing one is my favorite! I'll be selling them in my shops soon. The price for each will be L$50 and the pack with 12, L$500. Not bad, is it?

sábado, 20 de outubro de 2007

The Taming of the Savage Avie

Last weekend I watched "Hannibal Rising" and was mesmerized (yeah, I looked that up) by the wonderful clothes the female character displayed (the actrees is the divine Gong Li). One the them was an outfit with animal skin skirt and a high waist belt over a thin wool or cashmere. I couldnt find one single picture of her wearing this outfit on the internet. Anyway, that outfit inspired my TAME releases. The first one was already posted previously, here are the other two:

I love the belt, but if you're wondering if I didn't make a version without it, well, I've decided to release also the thin wool in white, with copy and mod settings, so you can have the color you want. I'd suggest you use light colors, though, 'cause dark ones would "kill" the texture.

Credits for the ads: (I've learned I should be more careful with credits, so from now on, they'll be included)

Tame 2:
Hair: Daphne in blak, by Calla Nails: (DN) Manicure - Ginny (Talamasca) Shoes: Jackie, by Tesla Earrings: Vina, by OPIUM

Tame 3:
Hair: Kara, by Aden Nails: Frech Tip Manicure (white), by Awesome Designs Shoes: Zebra Pumps, by Sven Olbers

Thin Wool Ad: Hair: Europa (Coffee), By Cake Nails: Frech Tip Manicure (white), by Awesome Designs (the jeans are PERSONA Stretch Jeans - dark wash)

PERSONA in Japan!!!

Wow! PERSONA reached Japan! I'm soooo proud!
I've been very kindly offered to expose lots of PERSONA's clothes in the Harajuku Gallery (Harajuku, 175, 73, 22), next to a very popular Japanese Shopping Center. This offer will last for aproximately 2 months and if things go well, maybe longer. The idea is to introduce the brand to the japonese public. I'm a big fan of japonese designers, so, the mere invitation is for me very flattering. Thank you so much, Aya!

quarta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2007

TAME - Release

So this is my release today. A set with top, skirt and stockings. I'm terrible with names of fabrics in english (and in portuguese, for that matter), but I want to emphasize that I'm all AGAINST animal harming of any sort, so this is not a real animal skin, let's say it's synthetic. We dont harm animals but we make an homage to them, by reproducing their beautiful skins in our clothes. ok?

The top comes in jacket and shirt layers (with the bottom of the jacket in pants layer), for those who like to mix and match. The skirt base comes in pants and underpants layers. The prim skirt comes in both scripted and non-scripted versions, as I intend to do from now on.

I wanted to find a good scenario for shooting this outfit. A quick search led me to Safari Lodge (Vux 63, 57, 46).

It's amazing how people can make such pretty things in SL! One of the reasons I love it!

terça-feira, 16 de outubro de 2007


I was supposed to continue my retrospective for PERSONA's releases, as I first imagined I would do, but then I started to look at some of my first releases and I came to the conclusion I'm not very happy about them anymore. So, I've decided to discontinue a few items. But before I do, I'll make a big sale for a while. Each box/item will be set for L$8 (I like that number, it's a good number for business in numerology ;P)

Here are the items "TO BE DISCONTINUED":

"Pearl Earrings and necklace"

the "Simple Stockings"

the "Lace Stockings"

"In the Woods" dress

"Blue Sky silk dress"

"Sabine's Pink dots"

"Pinkish Cutie"

"4 Stamped bikinis"

and "4 Black bikinis"

You can find them all in my store at Southern Paradise, at the left wall, as soon as you go in. Well, you wont find it difficult to find, my store is not that big after all...

There are two of the older items I still love, though. The "Odette silk striped" and the coloured bangles (picture previously posted). Those wont go into the L$8 sale...

This sale will go on untill the end of October, then I will take those items off.
Oooh! Another important note: THOSE OF YOU WHO PURCHASED THE "Mias Fall Dress" and the "Evening Inspiration" gown before I've included the IntelliSkirt script, PLEASE DROP ME A NOTE WITH NAME OF AVATAR AND COLOR(S), SO I CAN SEND YOU THE SCRIPTED VERSION OF THE SKIRTS, OK?
Myllie Writer