quarta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2007

Playful mood

I had a child's moment yesterday night and made this little animation. I've seen snow only once, but never really played in it, though I'd love to. I gave it as a holiday gift for a bunch of people, but I wish everyone would be able to play, so I'm placing it as another freebie in ANIMAH. You're all invited to play!!!

Now, my friend Annah tagged me, again!!! For the rules and such, check her blog: http://annahwhitfield.blogspot.com/2007/12/what-i-want-for-christmas-tag.html

My answers:

1-) I was really really priviledged. I can't remember any Christmas gift that wasn't attended by my parents, even without my asking. (Spoiled? You think?)
2-) This Christmas, I want REST and FOOD!
3-) Sky is the limit? I want the utopy of everyone living in harmony and working for love, not money, just the pure motivation of doing what you came here to do, sharing your gifts and talents freely. If everyone could do it, we wouldn't need money and everyone would be attended in their needs and have abundance.

I tag: Delilah Karas, Sherpa Davies, Encore Mayne, Gillian Waldman and Tymmerie Thorne.

Merry Christmas!

4 comentários:


Spoiled yeah!!!

Anônimo disse...

believe me myllie, seeing snow for every winter of my life gets pretty tiring. your snow angel does bring back my childhood memories though and i thank you for that. now, off to the toboggan hill!! if i could only get the bimmer out of the parking lot. :-(

Myllie Writer disse...

Annah, I know... ;P
Oh, btw, I was NOT making fun of you! (I just read your reply...)

Encore, I wouldn't trade my sunny hot days for anything else, but playing in the snow like you might have must be a lot of fun!

Tymmerie Thorne disse...

LOL...I was spoiled too! OK....I got your tag and I am working on the post now!