quarta-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2007


Real Life got me pretty good and I don't think I'll be able to hang around in SL much untill after Christmas. I'll be checking my emails constantly and I'll do my best to log in every time it's needed, but new releases will have to wait a while.

I wanted to give a little something to everyone as a Christmas gift, though. So, I released those animated poses as FREEBIES. They are 5 animated stands and 4 flying animations (the "Flying up" is static), you can put inside your AO Hud (ZHAO or Franimation, or whatever).

They're all available at ANIMAH

Please, come get your Christmas gift! I hope you enjoy!

With all best wishes,


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Delilah Karas disse...


Myllie Writer disse...

Thanks, Delilah! XD

Claudine Jewell disse...

thank you <3

Tymmerie Thorne disse...

OMIGAWD!! THANK YOU!!! How fun are these!! P.S. I got your tag but forgot to mention it in my blog. Thanks for thinking of me!! :-)

Myllie Writer disse...

YVW, girls!

Caroline Apollo disse...

Thank you! I love the ones I already have from you!

Myllie Writer disse...

Tymmerie, I saw your tag post one sec after I had chosen you, so... I was late! Btw, I didn't forget your suggestions for poses, ok? It'll just take me a while.

Caroline, I LOVE your Cameo and I just realised I was wearing it in a previous post and forgot to mention it was from you ;P

Girls, If anyone reads this, Caroline's has gorgeous jewelry!