domingo, 28 de setembro de 2008

Grand Opening Party polaroids

I've had the best time EVER! I want to thank everyone that could join me there and people who have sent me IM's, notecards, congratulations etc. THANK YOU!!! For those who could not make it, I totally understand, but I also hope the pics will maybe make you feel you wish you were there :P

Special thanks to Phoenix, my perfect party organizer, and duckyfresh, our awesome DJ!

I wanted to have a pic for each and every one of you, but unfortunately I've had computer problems and by the time I fixed that, some of you were already gone, so sorry if you don't see your pic below :(

Now, in alphabetical order:

sexta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2008

Come dance!

To celebrate the new store in the new island, to party, to dance, to enjoy, we're having a party this Sunday. I've also prepared a nice gift pack for all of you :)
I would be THRILLED if you could join me there!

For a quick tp, click here.

The KID inside

It's no secret that I'm in childish mood lately. I've been having a lot of fun making AND wearing a kid's AO in the last few days. The name says "KIDS AO Pack", but perhaps I should have called it "Girly AO pack", for the pack is clearly feminine. Now, before we see the animations in a kid's avie, let's see how it looks on an adult (at least in body) avie:

the pack comes with 5 animated stands

animated walk (faster or slower)

3 animated sits for ground sit and 3 for object sit

animated hover with flip animation or without (with is more fun!); fly up animation, fly down pose and soft fly pose

and Flight animation with 360 degrees swing (WOOT). That makes a total of 19 animations inside the pack. Of course, they're also avilable individually from the vendors in the store, at 100L each.

Hope you like!

PERSONA KIDS AO Pack, available in PERSONA, SLX and Onrez.

And that's my cute child's shape: (don't I look adorable?)

The adult avie is wearing:
SKIN: *blowpop* Tuesday - Vivid Collection - Honey skin tone with Clara-Blue makeup
HAIR: PBI* the bucket, in mahogany
CLOTHES: BettiePage unisex border sweater and PERSONA Hippie Chic jeans
SHOES: Battle ready boots (sorry, the store's name was not in the pack nor in the creator's profile, and I didn't have time to go back to where I bought it. But if you like it, I found it in Dutch Doutch's mainstore, in the guest designers room)

The kid avie is wearing:
SKIN: D-SKIN08 v1.0 - colorA - E0_M0
HAIR: BettiePage - Arranged braid hair, in brown (modified to fit the kid)
CLOTHES: CCC (Chelsea's Children Clothes) - Wintertime Sweater and Skirt
(the stockings are old PERSONA's stockings tinted)
SHOES: Armidi - Sasche flats, in white

domingo, 21 de setembro de 2008

Family Portrait poseballs

Now tell me, how cute is this?

So I got excited after my "Mommy's lap" pose that I decided to expand the family (following numerous suggestions, including Sasy's). My god, I loved it so much I might even do a family series! They just look so lovely!

The poseballs were originally made to fit 2 adults (one bigger and one smaller, like mom and dad) and 2 kids, boys or girls (again, one bigger for standing and one smaller in dad's arms).
The poseballs are modifiable, of course, so you could make adjustments, if needed. But let's hope you won't need to :).
When I sent the poseballs to Aradia to test them, they didn't need to make any adjustments and sent me back the picture I'm wearing in the ad. Thank you, family! You are perfect models!!

Hope you love it and have fun!

Available in PERSONA, in SLX and Onrez.

sexta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2008

Poseballs, poses and feathers

This idea came from a question in the SL Posers group (Jezebelle, I'd love to send you this pack, but I forgot your last name! If you read this, please IM me). She wanted to know about poses that you coud use with children. Imediatiadly, this image (above) came to my mind and I felt the "itching" to make it. But I didn't know any kids in SL, so Sasy introduced me to the lovely Chelsea and her mom, Aradia. It's a pity I'm not a better photographer, cuz they looked more adorable than the picture could show. I meant to capture that period in your childhood when your mommy means the world to you and there's no better place than her lap.

For a complete change of mood, this is a modeling pack I've been working on, which I really liked. Since many of the poses show difference if your wearing hells or flat shoe bases, many of them have both options in the pack.

And this is the outfit I'm wearing in the photoshoots of the last pack of poses. For now, it comes only in black. I might be doing more colours, let's see...

Available in PERSONA, in SLX and Onrez.

Aradia Dielli is wearing PERSONA clothes and I'm sorry, but I didn't get the credits for hair and shoes and such.
Chelsea Grigg is wearing clothes she designs herself! Turns out she's a talented designer of kid's clothes, all lovely. If you're interested, go check CCC (Chelsea's Childrens Clothes).

Next, I'm wearing:
Skin by [KA] Designs;
Hair by Damselfly;
Shoes by Maitryea (poses pack ad) and Digit Darkes (Feathers set ad).
The sheer tights are from *FI* (First Impressions).
All the rest is PERSONA.

sábado, 13 de setembro de 2008

Polished stones jewelry and Arabella shirt

I have to go out of town for my cousin's wedding this weekend, but I couldn't leave without posting my latest releases first.

The Polished Stones sets come in 6 different semi-precious stones in two different necklace lengths and each in 3 different choices of metal: gold, silver and bronze. That makes 36 different combinations. The sets come with small matching earrings (the necklaces are the stars, the earrings are just complements).
I'm not posting all the pics, just a small sample:

The Ruby set in gold are extras: the long version set is a group gift (you're welcome to join, if you're not a member), and the short version is a LuckyLetter prize (already in the main store).

Now, continuing with my Fall clothes collection, Arabella was named after another good customer, Arabella Steadham, and comes in 6 different Autumns colours. Arabella has sculpted sleeves and collar, prim waist knot (at the back) and system skirt making the bottom part of the shirt). As usual, you can expect to see all possible layers inside the packs. I really love this shirt!

All available in the main store (for now). I'll be listing it all on the web when I get back. :)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

HAIR: Almost all the hair I'm using here is from Frangipani (I have GOT to go check the huge sale Frangipani is having! Lovely, wonderful hair!). The only exception is the 3rd pic from the top. That'a an Exile Hair creation called "Love song". Beautiful!

SKIN: In the jewelry pics I1'm wearing skins by LF CHAI and in the Arabella pics, Blowpop. Two of my favorite skins in SL!

Tops: all PERSONA, except:
1st picture from the top: Kiwi Kawa, by Ornamental Life (I've modified the colour to match the jewelry)

2nd picture from the top: a lovely long sleeve v-neck shirt I got in Frangipani also. Only for 20L!!! (I'm telling you, you have to go there...)

5th picture from the top: part of an outfit by the former LAST CALL. (Ginny Talamasca is still the best in SL).

sexta-feira, 5 de setembro de 2008

Cleo glitch pants

I have those in RL and love it so much I had to make them in all possible colours!

PERSONA, in SLX and Onrez

Skin by [KA] Designs
Hair and shoes by Armidi.