quarta-feira, 30 de julho de 2008


I've been meaning to make this dress for a looong time. It was actually my RL debutant dress :)
The skirt is a bit of a problem to sit (in SL AND RL, lol). So I've included an IntelliSkirt version of the prim skirt in each colour pack. Remember, they're fully modifiable, although it may not say so in your inventory (it's a script thing...).

They come in 7 colours, all the layers possible and, as I said before, scripted and unscripted prim skirt versions.

Hope you love. I do!

Available in PERSONA, in SLX and Onrez. (I'll list them in the web as soon as I finish this post)

Skin: Blowpop - Tuesday Honey [6b. Pale VioletPortia] balk eyebrows
Hair: *BP* (BettiePage Voyager) - Folded Braid hair, in brown
Stockings: *FI* (First Impressions) - Sheer Tights, in Soft black
Shoes: Maitreya - Free Slinky Stilettos - Black Leather
Jewelry, Nails and Eyes: PERSONA

domingo, 27 de julho de 2008

New pendant necklaces and Retrologies 1 year anniversary

Last time, I forgot to post the pics of these (oops). They're available in the mainstore, but also, the gold pieces are available as gifts in my Retrology location, the celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Retrologies. Go grab your gift pendants at Retrology!!! It'll be there only for the duration of this week.


quinta-feira, 24 de julho de 2008

New AO Pack

Just B U

This is a very regular, day-to-day, relax, loose AO pack. My moto is "the more natural, the better". Or it could be "Less is more". So, no extravaganza, no extra curvy hips or dislocated femur bones (if that is even english, sorry). Well, I hope you know what I mean, I wanted an AO for the everyday real woman, who is feminine without being a caricature of herself. That's it.

Available in:PERSONA, in SLX and Onrez


Hair: Cake-FNKY - Rumour, in taupe
Skin: LF CHAI - Nutmeg, cellebrity makeup
Shoes: Armidi - sasche flats, in gold
Jeans, jewelry, eyes and nails: PERSONA (the tank is not for sale)

terça-feira, 22 de julho de 2008

A bunch of new jewelry

Wood, metals and round shapes, that much can result in endless beautiful effects. That's what's been put together to make my latest jewelry sets. I wish I had them all in RL.


All available in PERSONA, in SLX and Onrez


SODA – Roxie Light – Smoky - Nude
Hair: all from FNKY - CAKE
eyes: PERSONA - New Edition
Top on "Wood-metal rings collection": Ornamental Life - Kiwi Kawa (Shir Dryke makes awesome shadings in her creations) - In my bakyard ( I modified the colour slightly)

quinta-feira, 17 de julho de 2008

*Store Updates | News*

I've been so busy that I'm having a hard time to keep my posts updated. Just for the record, the store has a few updates. I'll try to keep it short:

1- I've created a DISCOUNT ROOM to put the items (clothes and poses) I'm removing from the mainstore (to open room for new stuff), but don't want to retire completely. So, these items are underneath the mainstore (underwater, actually) and they’ve been remarked. To be honnest, what was already VERY fairly priced is now ridiculous! You will find boards on the store with a TP that look like this:

2- The Odelia dress was such an unexpected (and welcome!) success, that I couldn’t resist and decided to release the Odelia tops:

3- I’ve already posted that I’ve put the Lucky chair (the letter changes every 5 minutes) back in the mainstore with an exclusive Odelia dress edition in white. But now I have also put Lucky Letter boards (the letter changes every 3 minutes) in my other satelite stores (at Haute Couture and Retrology), also with exclusive (meaning: you can’t buy them, they’re only in the lucky gadgets) items, such as:

4- I’ve already posted that we now have a great Store Card (Gift Certificate) system on the mainstore. Sooner than I thought, the other satellite stores have been updated already. So, now you can find Gift cards in every location.

Phew!!! And that's it

See ya!


I'm wearing hair form SHOP SEU, skin from LF CHAI, shoes from MAITREYA, and clothes, jewelry, eyes, nails and poses from PERSONA.

Store Cards - Finally!

PERSONA finally has a gift certificate system. Yay! It's already in the mainstore and I'll be updating my vendors to have it in all the stores, hopefully by the end of this week.
The amounts of the cards are: L$500, L$ 1000, L$2500 and L$5000.

You will find a card dispenser that looks like this:

Obs.: You will not be able to wear a store card in the Discount Room! Oh, but I haven't made a post about the discount room, have I? Ok, next post will be about that.

See ya!

segunda-feira, 14 de julho de 2008

EYES - New Edition

I've outdone myself! I really love my new eyes!!! :)
They're much more realistic than the previous ones AND I've made many more shades of colours. They're 16! I've made more, but I chose my favourite 16. And to fit every avie, I'm releasing them in 3 sizes: small, medium and big. I personally like to wear the medium size, that's what I'm wearing in the main ads.

I hope you can find your colour amongst them. ;)

Available in PERSONA, in SLX and Onrez

Hair: SHOP SEU - Pompadour hair, in purple brown
SKIN: SODA Skins 2.0 - Roxie Light - Smokey - Nude
Jewelry: PERSONA

sexta-feira, 11 de julho de 2008

Odelia babydoll dress

Inspired by the simple and perfect things of nature, Odelia is a little babydoll dress named after another good customer, Odelia Boram. Hope you all like it!

The red leaves will go as a gift to my group members (new comers are always welcome: search for PERSONA in the group tab and join for free today!).

Available in PERSONA, in SLX and Onrez


Skin: all from LF CHAI Skin
Hair: Mirai Style - Onio, in brown; Aden - Regina, in Hazel; Calla - Artemisia Brunettes II (Mocha)
Jewelry: PERSONA - Black Pearl Drop set
Eyes: all from Miriel

sexta-feira, 4 de julho de 2008

Pearl Drop set & weekend promotion

"Pearl Drop" is the latest set of jewelry from PERSONA. The set consists of a pair of earrings and matching chain necklace, with a pearl drop pendant. They're quite simple and delicate. I think they have a sort of nostalic vibe, like old jewelry.

I've decided to make a gift to everyone (since I don't celebrate the 4th of July). So, I've remarked the black pearl sets to L$10 each. The promotion will only be valid for this weekend and only in my mainstore in-world (here). I'm going away for the weekend and as soon as I come back on Monday, I'm gonna set the proces back to their normal L$170. Hurry up, then!


P.S.: I'll probably list those in SLX and Onrez only on Monday too.


Black pearl ad:
HAIR: Kin - Yohkoh, in black

Blue pearl ad:
HAIR: Comme il Faut (ex Bossa Nova) - Bernadette, in mahogany

Cream pearl ad:
HAIR: Kin - Starr, in red

Pink pearl ad:
HAIR: Kin - Ivy, in red

All ads:
SKIN: Blowpop - Tuesday, Honey (different makeups, they're all perfect!)
Outfit: all from the extinct LAST CALL (hey, still the best...)