sexta-feira, 30 de novembro de 2007

PERSONA in Sedna

Greetings, everyone!

Just a quick post to let you all know PERSONA has a new location. I love all my stores, but I needed more prim limits to make my mainstore, so here it is! I'm very close to my good friend Annah, from Annah Couture. She's just across the street. :)

And here I am posing for a pic inside the store. I'm wearing my "Sheer buttoned shirt" in beige, in shirt and pants layers and Annah's new "Philippa" in jacket layer. The pants are my "Stretch jeans - dark wash" in underpants layer. That reminds me, I need to write a simple tutorial for Layers in SL, as suggestion of Milla Michinaga. Layers tutorial, coming right up!

(If you want to visit the store, use this link.)

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-Ana Lutetia- disse...

*updates all her links to PERSONA*



Welcome to the neighbourhood :) eheh


oh btw I know you are busy and all... but I tagged you! I had to :P

Myllie Writer disse...


Too late, Annah. Phoenix tagged me first... ;P