domingo, 31 de agosto de 2008

Female Shooting poses - PACK14

And ending the new releases posts of the week, our newest female poses pack:

Available in: PERSONA, SLX and Onrez. As usual, single poses (sold only in-world) are L$50 and the pack with all 12, L$500.

Skin by [KA] Designs; shoes by Maitreya, hair by ETD, clothes and jewelry by PERSONA.

A couple of couple's moments

Met that great someone this Summer and things are getting steady? What about some great pictures together to put in your profiles? I hope I can help:

They were originally made for boys and girls (meaning: smaller and bigger avies), but they could be used for any couple of people really. The poseballs are modifiable so you can make the adjustments, if needed. The female position is about 10% smaller than the male.

Available in: PERSONA, SLX and Onrez.

She wears: PERSONA, except for hair (by Kin), skin (by [KA] Designs) and shoes (by Maitreya).
He wears: Redgrave (jeans and sweater), Nomine (skin), Diversity Hair (hair) and Naima (shoes).

Autumn collection - part I

To start my Autumn collection releases for clothes, we have two blouses and pants that can go with any of them, all sold separetely and with lots of colours to chose from. Oh, and of course, all possible layers.

Keeping with my policy of naming my clothes after random selected customers (and sometimes friends), the first blouse was named after Dove Perlmann. A sweet and delicate lace-trimmed v-neck with long sleeves:

Then there's Dita (after Dita Tran), a bold offshoulder knit jumper with sculpted cuffs and collar (shoulder detail). They may limit your moves a little bit (you'll want to keep your arms down with this one), but they look so nice it's worth it! I hope!

Finally, Barb (named after my friend Barb Carson) follows the executive business woman style: elegant and discrete. The traditional plaid patterns in sober colours go with almost any top. In the ads, I'm wearing Dove in white tucked in.

Available in: PERSONA, SLX and Onrez

Skin from [KA] Designs;
Hair from Detour;
Shoes from Maitreya;
Jewelry, eyes and nails from PERSONA.

Yes, my precious!

No rings, but oh, so many other precious things. What Smeagol wouldn't do for these ones?

First, my favorites, a nice set full of pieces inspired by religious accessories. My initial idea was to make a rosary to be worn like a necklace, but SL wouldn't let me link that many prims in one piece, so I had to settle for less, shorter versions of rosary-like necklaces. They're very rich in detail and the pearls colour vary according to the metal used: Cream common pears for gold, blue pearls for silver and pink pearls for bronze.

Still in the religious groove, "Mary with Diamonds" was supposed to be named "Mary in the sky with diamonds" ('cuz I'm totally devoted to the Beatles...), but again, SL wouldn't let me have that many characters in one name. Anyways, the Mary medallion has front and back as medallions usually do, and they're carefully carved with tiny diamonds.

And last, some simple hoop pendant earrings, to complete the set of previous released sculpted Babyboy and Babygirl pendant necklaces:

Want more? I do! Jewelry is my newest addiction :)

All available in PERSONA, SLX and Onrez.

We're back! - My openspace

YAY!!! After... uhm... how long?... I'm finally opening access to the openspace where I built the new PERSONA store (that's right, I did it. My super builder Kamian Treskothick was super busy, but he gave a hint or two :-). Thanks, Kamian!). I can tell I hope not to move again for a long long time, at least!
AND there are a bunch of new releases for clothes, jewelry and poses! (I've been saving it all for you guys). But first, let me show you some pictures of the build:

I've devided the store in 3 main categories: 1- poses/animations; 2- clothes and 3- jewelry and accessories like eyes, nails and hair/hats. Instead of a separate discount room, we're having discounted items in the second floor of the clothes room.

I'm not really a party person (seclusion is my middle name), but I do feel like making a party for this store. Let's see what we can arrange...
I'll be making posts with new releases along the week, starting tomorrow, ok?

So, do you like the new store? Come visit!

I couldn't have made it pretty without:
Building Textures from: "DISTRESSED" and "Textures R Us"
Plants from: "Botanical", "Trompe Loeil Greenhouse" and "Heart Garden Center"
Terrain raw files from: "Time2Terraform"

sábado, 23 de agosto de 2008

It's coming!

We're almost here! The new store in PERSONA Isle is almost ready and it's BEAUTIFUL!!!
Yes, we have our own private vulcano, hehe. I've been working like a dog to open it with new releases on clothes, poses and jewelry. So, bear with me!
And don't forget the 50% store card sale has only one more week to go.

Have fun!


segunda-feira, 11 de agosto de 2008

50% Store Card SALE YAY!!!

My dearest beloved ones,

If you're wondering why I've been so quiet lately, it's because I'm working on my new island, where we're gonna have a new beautiful store. It's going to take a lot of my time, so I'll have to hold up the new releases for a while.

To compensate for that, I decided to make a 50% off sale. Yay!

Just remember this is a store card sale, so you have to buy the store cards forst and follow the directions from there.

Have fun!


segunda-feira, 4 de agosto de 2008

Ruth "revamped"

The challenge started here. And this is my Ruth.

Ruth is wearing:
Skin from Blowpop
Hair from Cake
Shoes from Armidi
Eyelashes from Minnu
Sheer tights from First Impressions
and the rest is PERSONA.

domingo, 3 de agosto de 2008

New Male 080 AO and exclusive poses for AMS

Male AO, finally!

I always find it harder to make poses and animations for guys, I mean to make them look manly but not like "cave men". So this AO gave me more trouble than usual. I loved the outcome, though :) Hope you do too! Now, I forgot the name of the guy who asked me for a male AO, I just hope he reads the feed!

Avaialble in PERSONA, in SLX and Onrez

Murilo is wearing:
SKIN: Abyss, Scorpio
HAIR: Cake - Rumor, in Taupe (modified)
Shir and vest: Redgrave - in honey
Jeans: Renegade - Blue south 44 jeans
SHOES: Maitreya - Desert Boots - laced, in mud
Necklace Saint Claw, in silver, by Redgrave

In collaboration with Ananke Media Systems, I'm releasing an exclusive pack of photoshooting poses. They're not for sale by PERSONA, they are only available for customers of AMS. You can read all about it in Serenity Mercier's blog. Here's what they look like:

and that's it for today :)