quarta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2007

Wonderful gifts

I love Chrsitmas gifts!

I got these group gifts from Melanie Zhao and I loved them so much I just had to blog them. She sent a fat pack of gifts, but the one I loved most was the one called "the ultimate face light". Turns out it's the huge elaborate set of lights with a big sign on top "It's all about me!".

I just LMFAO! It reminds me of that character from "Absolutely Fabulous", a british TV sitcom I used to love! Of course I've learned Melanie is british... I've also learned she is the talented shoe designer from ZHAO. And look at my second favorite gift:

A shoe-chair! And with a wonderful animated sit. Thank you, Melanie, for the wonderful gifts!
Oh, btw, the gorgeous lingerie set I'm wearing in the pictures was also a gift, from Jasmin Marquez, designer of "'Nuff".

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