quarta-feira, 28 de maio de 2008

Iris knit and jeans shorts

New releases:

Iris (again, named after a costumer) is a sleeveless thin wool top (with a plush feel) with sculpted turtleneck. I was so pleased with the texture and the sculpted collar that I wanted to make all colours in the universe, but I figured 9 was good enough :)

Bonnie is a jeans shorts that I started some time ago, to match with the Bonnie top but only now decided to finally release. I've put them in packs of 3 colours each, so the price is more than reasonable.

Available in PERSONA, in SLX and Onrez.
Iris ad:
HAIR: ADEN - Tori, in black
SKIN: LF CHAI - Mutmeg - Antique (makeup), freckles
Tattoo: AITUI - Koi Farm Color V.02
Bonnie ad:
HAIR: ADEN - Tori, in red
SKIN: Minnu skins - MMSPaleNF - clean
Tattoo: same as above
SHOES: SLink - Claudia Ballet Flats (DIS group gift)

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