segunda-feira, 7 de abril de 2008

Spring / Summer time

You know I'm in Brasil and down here summer is coming to an end. I don't want to say goodbye to Summer... (snif snif). But, in SL, I don't have to. Yay!
The next few new releases were inspired by sunny sunny days!

Bonnie is a soft linen button shirt, with sculpted sleeves and prim bottom. Personally, my fave of all the releases.

This is a simple plain cotton tank I made for the guys, something I wanted to present Murilo with.

Again, for Murilo, swimming trunks with the cut I like most. They have a "plush" touch and come in bright cheerful colours.

Same cut, but now with colour stripes on the sides.

Now, I decided to revamp some old one-piece swimsuits I made in the past. I've worked a bit on the cut and the texture is much much better. Alaysa was named after a dear and beautiful customer, as the next two swimsuits.

Montana is one of my oldest and dearest customers. She is unique! Hope you like it, Montana!

Sasy is completely new (not a revamped version). Classy and versatile as the lady I chose to name it. (Yes, Sasy Scarborough, it's you :P).

All one-pieces come with three choices of bottom cuts: small, medium and large. You know, you may want to be more "discrete" with children around and all... or not!

As usual, all pieces come with all possible layers, which you might as well ignore if you don't mean to mix and match. Just wear the jacket and pants layer and you're good :).

All available in-world here, and on the web: Onrez and SLX.

Blue skies for everyone!!!


Bonnie: HAIR by Aden - "Regina", in hazel
Murilo wears: Scorpio Origin 1[B] skin and AOHARU's "Nick01c" hair, in espresso.
Alaysa: HAIR by TRUTH - "Chrissy2", in dark choco.
Montana: HAIR by Moonshine (MS) - "Rosey" (freebie), in hot chocolate tipped.
Sasy: HAIR by Frangipani - "La Crostata", in espresso.
The female skin is another Eloh's modification (not for sale).
All eyes and nails are from PERSONA and all poses, ANIMAH.

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Sasy Scarborough disse...

OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of it , and am so truly honored that you named something so yummy after me, its the end of my summer too *glances out the window at the rain* I love all the swimsuits so much and am so glad the one named after me is so versatile and will look so fab with your sashes YAY love love love
thank you Myllie <3

xoxo Sasy xoxo