sábado, 17 de maio de 2008

ANIMAH - pack20

As i said in my previous post, this pack of ANIMAH has some (6, to be exact) poses especially made for smokers. Of course, your imagination will let you wear them anyway you want, but I've put the hand close to the mouth in a way that a cigarette fits perfectly. Here they are:

I've also included a pack with cigarettes and cigarette holders right next to the pack. You can buy those for L$0 in our store.

The ANIMAH Update Group members have already received an animated version of the cigarette holder as a gift. The animation will make your right hand hold the cigarette. Wanna get one? Join the group for free and check "notices".

Pack20 is available in ANIMAH, Onrez and SLX.

HAIR: ADEN - Milla, in light brown
SHOES: Maitreya - Sassy, in old leather
JEWELRY: EARTHTONES - Paua Shell, round set
SKIN: Blowpop - Mellie3, Honey, black mamba IV, freckles
Jeans: PERSONA - Hippie chic capri jeans, faded
Tank: (something I did using LightWave, not on sale)

3 comentários:

kesseret steeplechase disse...

as a former smoker I'm appalled. lol, kidding.

This is cute and classy!! Love it!
And I smoke a lot inworld b/c I don't want to smoke RL.. I miss a puff or 2. heh

Thanks for this awesome and classy item!

Myllie Writer disse...

Hi Kesseret! Thank you!
Believe it or not, I think I've smoked less in RL since I made these (I've been walking around in SL with a cig in my hands, lol). I wish I could stop it for good, but it's so hard!!!

Blogger disse...

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