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I was supposed to continue my retrospective for PERSONA's releases, as I first imagined I would do, but then I started to look at some of my first releases and I came to the conclusion I'm not very happy about them anymore. So, I've decided to discontinue a few items. But before I do, I'll make a big sale for a while. Each box/item will be set for L$8 (I like that number, it's a good number for business in numerology ;P)

Here are the items "TO BE DISCONTINUED":

"Pearl Earrings and necklace"

the "Simple Stockings"

the "Lace Stockings"

"In the Woods" dress

"Blue Sky silk dress"

"Sabine's Pink dots"

"Pinkish Cutie"

"4 Stamped bikinis"

and "4 Black bikinis"

You can find them all in my store at Southern Paradise, at the left wall, as soon as you go in. Well, you wont find it difficult to find, my store is not that big after all...

There are two of the older items I still love, though. The "Odette silk striped" and the coloured bangles (picture previously posted). Those wont go into the L$8 sale...

This sale will go on untill the end of October, then I will take those items off.
Oooh! Another important note: THOSE OF YOU WHO PURCHASED THE "Mias Fall Dress" and the "Evening Inspiration" gown before I've included the IntelliSkirt script, PLEASE DROP ME A NOTE WITH NAME OF AVATAR AND COLOR(S), SO I CAN SEND YOU THE SCRIPTED VERSION OF THE SKIRTS, OK?
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