sexta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2007


I can't stop it, it's too addictive! There's a new 12 poses pack in my store in Axenfall. For those who were waiting more clothes releases, I'm so sorry, poses are taking all of me for the moment. I still love making clothes, though, I'll be back, I promise.

Or you can buy them individually from the vendor, same price as before, L$50 each, L$500 for the pack.

Also, I've released a fun freebie pose, that comes with the accessories in the picture: stool, lipstick and small mirror. OMG, I've just noticed a spelling mistake in my ad! :P I must correct that.

This one below is a pose I've made for the fashion charity event being put together by Alaska Metropolitan's Metro Models agency. The proceeds of this event will go towards Medicins sans Frontieres/Doctors without Borders (more info on MSF here:
I'm not sure this pose is gonna be used, though. Anyway, I wanted to post the picture 'cause I really liked it. If they dont use it, I may do something else with it, let's see.
But if you're a designer (or content creator of any sort) and haven't heard of this event, you should check Alaska's blog ( or IM her or me in-world and I'll send you the note with instructions for participation.

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Tymmerie disse...

I just bought the new set of poses! Yay! Oh, please keep the poses coming! Along with new clothes of course....LOL. I adore Persona. One of my favorite pics was taken in a Persona swimsuit.

I am glad you mentioned Natalia Z.'s blog - mine links to hers also - because it is such an incredibly rich source of information about how to do things in SL. Check out her tutorial on how to make gift boxes - it is the best!

Myllie Writer disse...

Hi Tymmerie!
Thank you! :)
I love Natalia's blog, I've learned a LOT from her and I'll surelt check the gift box tutorial, thanks for the tip! :)
Oh, I've seen your blog, You have some very good pictures there!