terça-feira, 9 de outubro de 2007

Nauka Umaga's IntelliSkirt

Hey! I've already included the IntelliSkirt versions of the skirts for my "Mias Fall" dresses and my "Evening Inspiration" dresses. If you have purchased them before, you can get your free update. Just IM me (Myllie Writer) or drop me a note with your name and the pack/colours you've purchased.

That's me sitting in Southern Paradise, very close to my store . There are a cute swinging chair and a small lake (forgive if I use the wrong terms) I hadnt taken notice till this day. Perfect scenario for my IntelliSkirt sample pictures. Here you can see how they work in "sitting on object" pose and "sitting on ground". I'm wearing the Mias Fall prim skirt.

Now, the Evening Inspiration - Sitting on object:

Flying (Hovering here):And sitting on ground:
Now, as a lady that you are, you know you must NEVER sit on the ground with an evening gown, right? (Especially not with the default SL sitting on ground, which would make you knees unvariably stick out - not nice ;P)

The script works wonderfully! Nauka Umaga, the creator, is a confessed computer geek who loves scripts and she's also very clear when she explains about it (unbelievably, I could understand!).

I would love to make those linked words you could click and instantly go to the teleport page, but I dont know how yet. So, I'll just write down her LM: Kat Mall (249, 76, 21)
Or you can always look for Nauka Umaga and see her picks.

I think this is the new generation of prim skirts, dont you?

See ya!

P.S - Well, Encore tried to teach me so I'll try to make a link now: IntelliSkirt

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Anônimo disse...

great post myllie, and nice photos too. i found nauka's name while doing the research for my post on your cable stitch sweater myllie. looks like there's a few scripters out there offering the same functionality -SLNN. one of the scripters (who was away on holidays the day the article came out) released her script to open source and published it on second citizen forum (now defunct).

if you want to launch your viewer to the landmark from your link, just write <a href=secondlife://landmark coordinates>LINK</a>. of course, not everyone expects the viewer to launch from a link so i add a title="will launch second life viewer" atribute to the html anchor tag so a hovertext informs the unaware who are more accustomed to being routed through slurl.

Myllie Writer disse...

Thank you for the class, Encore! I did it!
Well, I did know about two more scripts with the same functionality before I met Nauka, but their prices were a bit too high for my linden pockets, and Nauka's was much more accessible. About that open sorce one (that means free, right?) I didnt know... I'm pretty satisfied with the one I've got, though.