domingo, 7 de outubro de 2007

Previous releases

These are my September releases. I'm putting the pictures as in a retrospective. So, if you want to see the latest releases, you have to see the previous post, ok?

The Chamois bolero, with leather collar and buttons...

... and the high waist pants.

Sold separately, but perfect matched with each other.

See through buttoned shirt with rolled up sleeves. One of my faves.

I had to make some jeans. Tried a few times, stopped, tried again... They're so hard! But I kinda like the results.

Especially made for the New Shoots showcase. I wanted to show at least one night gown. It's been a challenge, but I deffinately want to make more gowns.

Named after a friend and matched with the previously released (as a freebie) Lace Bolero.

(The low quality of the pictures shows signs of the problem with my videocard (the video thing in the computer, if that's its name). A few days later, I almost lost my whole pc. Burnt source or something like that. You can still get the feel of the fabric, though.)

The most typical bikini cut you can find in brazilian beaches. Very simple, very basic, yet indispensable in a brazilan girl's closet.

Oops, forgot the bangles. I've made them a while back but they've been released in September only:

And that's it for the September releases.

See ya!

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