sábado, 20 de outubro de 2007

The Taming of the Savage Avie

Last weekend I watched "Hannibal Rising" and was mesmerized (yeah, I looked that up) by the wonderful clothes the female character displayed (the actrees is the divine Gong Li). One the them was an outfit with animal skin skirt and a high waist belt over a thin wool or cashmere. I couldnt find one single picture of her wearing this outfit on the internet. Anyway, that outfit inspired my TAME releases. The first one was already posted previously, here are the other two:

I love the belt, but if you're wondering if I didn't make a version without it, well, I've decided to release also the thin wool in white, with copy and mod settings, so you can have the color you want. I'd suggest you use light colors, though, 'cause dark ones would "kill" the texture.

Credits for the ads: (I've learned I should be more careful with credits, so from now on, they'll be included)

Tame 2:
Hair: Daphne in blak, by Calla Nails: (DN) Manicure - Ginny (Talamasca) Shoes: Jackie, by Tesla Earrings: Vina, by OPIUM

Tame 3:
Hair: Kara, by Aden Nails: Frech Tip Manicure (white), by Awesome Designs Shoes: Zebra Pumps, by Sven Olbers

Thin Wool Ad: Hair: Europa (Coffee), By Cake Nails: Frech Tip Manicure (white), by Awesome Designs (the jeans are PERSONA Stretch Jeans - dark wash)

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Yeah! New Release :) I love them all! Congrats "vizinha" :P

Myllie Writer disse...

Qierida! Obrigada!

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