domingo, 31 de agosto de 2008

Yes, my precious!

No rings, but oh, so many other precious things. What Smeagol wouldn't do for these ones?

First, my favorites, a nice set full of pieces inspired by religious accessories. My initial idea was to make a rosary to be worn like a necklace, but SL wouldn't let me link that many prims in one piece, so I had to settle for less, shorter versions of rosary-like necklaces. They're very rich in detail and the pearls colour vary according to the metal used: Cream common pears for gold, blue pearls for silver and pink pearls for bronze.

Still in the religious groove, "Mary with Diamonds" was supposed to be named "Mary in the sky with diamonds" ('cuz I'm totally devoted to the Beatles...), but again, SL wouldn't let me have that many characters in one name. Anyways, the Mary medallion has front and back as medallions usually do, and they're carefully carved with tiny diamonds.

And last, some simple hoop pendant earrings, to complete the set of previous released sculpted Babyboy and Babygirl pendant necklaces:

Want more? I do! Jewelry is my newest addiction :)

All available in PERSONA, SLX and Onrez.

2 comentários:

Shir Dryke disse...

That looks absolutely gorgeous. When you said Mary with diamonds, I certainly didn't expect you did something like that. Go you!:)) Awesome work:)

Myllie Writer disse...

Thank you, Shir! Go us!! :)