domingo, 31 de agosto de 2008

Autumn collection - part I

To start my Autumn collection releases for clothes, we have two blouses and pants that can go with any of them, all sold separetely and with lots of colours to chose from. Oh, and of course, all possible layers.

Keeping with my policy of naming my clothes after random selected customers (and sometimes friends), the first blouse was named after Dove Perlmann. A sweet and delicate lace-trimmed v-neck with long sleeves:

Then there's Dita (after Dita Tran), a bold offshoulder knit jumper with sculpted cuffs and collar (shoulder detail). They may limit your moves a little bit (you'll want to keep your arms down with this one), but they look so nice it's worth it! I hope!

Finally, Barb (named after my friend Barb Carson) follows the executive business woman style: elegant and discrete. The traditional plaid patterns in sober colours go with almost any top. In the ads, I'm wearing Dove in white tucked in.

Available in: PERSONA, SLX and Onrez

Skin from [KA] Designs;
Hair from Detour;
Shoes from Maitreya;
Jewelry, eyes and nails from PERSONA.

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