domingo, 31 de agosto de 2008

We're back! - My openspace

YAY!!! After... uhm... how long?... I'm finally opening access to the openspace where I built the new PERSONA store (that's right, I did it. My super builder Kamian Treskothick was super busy, but he gave a hint or two :-). Thanks, Kamian!). I can tell I hope not to move again for a long long time, at least!
AND there are a bunch of new releases for clothes, jewelry and poses! (I've been saving it all for you guys). But first, let me show you some pictures of the build:

I've devided the store in 3 main categories: 1- poses/animations; 2- clothes and 3- jewelry and accessories like eyes, nails and hair/hats. Instead of a separate discount room, we're having discounted items in the second floor of the clothes room.

I'm not really a party person (seclusion is my middle name), but I do feel like making a party for this store. Let's see what we can arrange...
I'll be making posts with new releases along the week, starting tomorrow, ok?

So, do you like the new store? Come visit!

I couldn't have made it pretty without:
Building Textures from: "DISTRESSED" and "Textures R Us"
Plants from: "Botanical", "Trompe Loeil Greenhouse" and "Heart Garden Center"
Terrain raw files from: "Time2Terraform"

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