quinta-feira, 17 de julho de 2008

*Store Updates | News*

I've been so busy that I'm having a hard time to keep my posts updated. Just for the record, the store has a few updates. I'll try to keep it short:

1- I've created a DISCOUNT ROOM to put the items (clothes and poses) I'm removing from the mainstore (to open room for new stuff), but don't want to retire completely. So, these items are underneath the mainstore (underwater, actually) and they’ve been remarked. To be honnest, what was already VERY fairly priced is now ridiculous! You will find boards on the store with a TP that look like this:

2- The Odelia dress was such an unexpected (and welcome!) success, that I couldn’t resist and decided to release the Odelia tops:

3- I’ve already posted that I’ve put the Lucky chair (the letter changes every 5 minutes) back in the mainstore with an exclusive Odelia dress edition in white. But now I have also put Lucky Letter boards (the letter changes every 3 minutes) in my other satelite stores (at Haute Couture and Retrology), also with exclusive (meaning: you can’t buy them, they’re only in the lucky gadgets) items, such as:

4- I’ve already posted that we now have a great Store Card (Gift Certificate) system on the mainstore. Sooner than I thought, the other satellite stores have been updated already. So, now you can find Gift cards in every location.

Phew!!! And that's it

See ya!


I'm wearing hair form SHOP SEU, skin from LF CHAI, shoes from MAITREYA, and clothes, jewelry, eyes, nails and poses from PERSONA.

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