quinta-feira, 19 de junho de 2008

Lots of news

It's been a while since my last post. The thing is I've been working on a new mainstore, in a new sim built by my friend Euterpe Zagoskin AND I've been almost literally banging my head against the wall trying to make a nice walk and run for my new AO pack. I've finally reached something I liked!
So, the news are:

1- My first AO pack:

I've made it casual and animated to the most. The Casual AO pack includes: 4 animated stands (they should be used in sequence so that your transitions is smoother); 2 options of walks (normal and slower); a run; a sit on objects; a sit on ground; a fly; a slow fly; fly up; fly down; fall and 2 options of landing. That makes a total of 16 animations!
The pack also includes the open source ZHAO-II version 1.0.041b already set with the animations inside. It's ready to use, just wear it! If you should have any problems with the AO hud, feel free to IM me or drop me a note with your concerns, but please read the instructions first (inside the ZHAO hud). I'm no expert, I just made the animations and put them inside the AO hud :-)
The animations as well as the ZHAO-II are modifiable, so you should be able to make any changes you want (to include different animations or to replace them as you wish). Of course, you also have the liberty to chose another AO hud, that's why I've included the animations out of the hud, to make this process easier.
I've included a pose vendor with the animations being sold individually (L$100 each).

2- A new pack of static modelling poses (Pack13):

This time I made only stands (the next will be only sits). As usual, the pack contains 12 static poses (L$500) and you'll also find a vendor with the individual poses in frnt of it (L$50 each).

3- New mainstore:

Opening tomorrow, Friday, June 20, my new mainstore is bigger and nicer and has all of PERSONA's products, clothes, jewelry etc. plus the old ANIMAH poses and the new packs.
You'll find Zagoskin there too and soon, Hart will join us with PXL Creations! Come visit us! Click here for a quick tp to Levant.

The ANIMAH store is closing on June, 23. The 50% off sale on the full packs will hold untill then (in both places: ANIMAH and PERSONA).
So, remember you have only a few days left to enjoy the sale and the new packs are not included, ok?

4- The Haute Couture Sim is having a hunt this weekend. For info on what stores are participating in this hunt, please visit the Haute Couture Sim's blog. Of course, PERSONA is in it and I've put a nice surprise gift inside the Cosmopolitan Glass (how very chic!).

5- From today on, you already will find all of the ANIMAH poses and animations listed on Onrez and SL Exchange, under PERSONA's brand. (Don't forget the 50% off sale is only for the shoppers in-world).

Phew! Ok, that's enough.


In the ideal weekend that I planned for you, you will: Come visit me and Euterpe at Levant, see the nicely built sim, enjoy a cup of coffee and, who knows, you might wanna get a fresh new Casual AO pack. Then you might wanna go casually flying to the Haute Couture Sim and hunt for the yummy prizes inside the cosmopolitan glasses spread all over the stores there. Finally, you can come enjoy the last days of the ANIMAH 50% off sale. Deal? ;)

Hope to see you there!

Casual AO pack:
HAIR: booN - NMR32 hair, in chestnut (freebie)
SKIN: Blowpop - Tuesday - Honey, makeup 3c.
SHOES: Maitreya - Funkies, wine suede
Shorts: SHOP SEU - sho-pan, in brown
Tights: SHOP SEU - taitsu tights, in red
Top: PERSONA - Iris knitted blouse, in yellow

HAIR: EDT - Dainty (modified), in smoke burnt
SKIN: Blowpop - Tuesday - Honey, makeup 3c.
SHOES: Maitreya - Dune boots, in black
Top: PERSONA - Iris knitted blouse, in black
Pants: PERSONA Hippie Chic Jeans, in blue

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