quarta-feira, 4 de junho de 2008

Dear customer, ANIMAH is closing down

That's right. The commercial partnersheep I have with my dear friend Annah Whitfield is coming to an end.
ANIMAH was born on October of 2007 and has been very successful ever since. I believe that's because both me and Annah love what we do. It has been just wonderful! But, as some of you may know, me and Annah are from different continents, so our time schedule don't always meet. When one of us (or both) get some RL issue taking our time, it gets even more difficult for us to meet inworld. That sometimes causes delay in responses to customers and I was starting to feel frustrated about that.
What we want to make clear is that: the closing of ANIMAH does not mean, by any means, that we will stop making poses. It simply means that we will start using the brand each of us already own (me: "PERSONA" and Annah: "Annah") for that. You will still find the same poses (and the ones that are to come) in our stores, we are just splitting them in two different locations with two different managements.
Now, to somewhat "compensate" our customers and as a way of saying goodbye to this beautiful partnership, we have decided to make a goodbye SALE!!! So, from June, 6 to June 20 (or so, yet to be defined) you'll all get 50% discount on each full pack in the "closed-to-be" ANIMAH location (here). That means single poses will still cost L$50 each, but the full packs (with 12 poses) will be remarked to L$250.
We do hope you understand what we had to do and I firmly believe it will be for everyone's bets interest. We appreciate the response our customers have given us so far and we will continue to try our bests to keep the quality and love with every single creation.


Myllie Writer

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Sasy Scarborough disse...

as long as we get to keep both of you , its awesome that you are putting your customers needs first ♥ I know how it is to be on a different time zone from what seems like EVERYONE lol and it does take some juggling, also understanding on the customers side of things too.

Best of luck to both of you

xox Sasy xox

Alaska Metropolitan disse...

I <3 ANIMAH. I'm glad you'll still be making poses after the store closes!

Myllie Writer disse...

Thank you Sasy and Alaska! Not to worry, you'll get to keep both of us and more and more poses :)