quinta-feira, 5 de junho de 2008

ByteDreams Jewelry Collection

The new results of my new addiction, Bytedreams was named after a good friend who live s in a volcano! More delicate and complex than the previous sets, these gave me a lot more work, but it was definitely worth it! :D
The ByteDreams pieces have 3 options of metals: white traditional gold, white gold and red gold. They are delicate hoops carved with stud diamonds (I'm sure there's a more acurate way to describe them in good english, but I hope you understand).

I love love love them!

Already available in: PERSONA, in SLX and Onrez
HAIR by ETD (Xaria)
SKIN by Blowpop (Tuesday, Honay, makeups 3b. and 3c.)
EYES by Miriel

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