quarta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2008

ANIMAH's permissions

Obs.: It has come to my knowledge that some AO huds won't accept poses with "no mod" permissions. Me and Annah wouldn't want that models or anyone interested would prevent themselves from wearing our poses for that reason. So, from now on, all our poses have been changed to "mod" permission. We have not changed all ads though (at least not yet), so you will still read "no mod" in the old vendors, but be assured that the contents have all mod permissions.
For those of you who wear our poses only for static photoshooting purposes, that means nothing will change and you will still be able to drop the poses in a posing stand as usual.
We are sorry if that's a bit confusing, all we hope is to better attend our dear customers' needs.

Myllie Writer

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