segunda-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2008

Kamian's buildings - PERSONA new mainstore

PERSONA has a new flagship store!!! Yay! And it’s beautiful too! Check it out:

This time I decided to call someone who really knows what he’s doing to build it. His name is Kamian Trescothick, take note, for he’s the man! Eolande was the one who told me about him. He's done wonders with her new store too (you can have a look here:
Kamian can make pretty much anything you have in mind, and if you don’t have much in mind, he can come up with great ideas.

Now, if you’re looking for a home, Kamian has a range of prefabs called “Aristocrat Homes”. You can check them in-world at his location, through a cool system where you can rezz the homes and walk inside them. Here is an idea of he has:

Check Kamian’s prefabs in-world: AristocratHomes

2 comentários:

TheDiva Rockin disse...

Looks Great!!! Congrats! :)

Myllie Writer disse...

Thanks Diva! I was amazed to see Kamian working! It's the prettiest store I've had by far! I really recommend him.