sexta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2008

Another Fundraiser skin - PREVIEW

Do you like this skin? This is the version of Eloh's cf0 skin I've worked on, to donate to Another Fundraiser ( Let's say it's about 98% Eloh Eliot's and 2% mine. Still, unique. I made it with a soft, feminine makeup, that can be used on days or nights, discrete and classy. If you like it, it'll be available at Another Fundraiser locales pretty soon.
2 good news:
- It's gonna cost L$50
- All money raised from sales will be donated to UNICEF
Cool, huh?
The pack will come with 4 skins: freckled and pubic hair; freckled without hair; no freckles with pubic hair and no freckles without hair.
Oh, and the dragon tattoo is right there on the back, close to the right shoulder. Keep posted to hear about the release!
To see many other skins derived from Eloh's in Another Fundraiser, go to:

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