domingo, 27 de janeiro de 2008

Itaparica Casual classy

Greetings everyone!

Here are a few new releases from PERSONA. I've decided the look is a casual classy look (you might desagree... Let's hope not :P)

The blouses come in 4 packs of 3 colors also (L$180 each pack), and a pck for the white colorable (L$100). They come with the options of shirt and jacket layers.

The pants come in 3 colors, pants and underpants layers and optional prim slacks.

Now, this is a gift for the Update Group members only. Exclusive colors honoring Valentine's day: pinkish.
Just a reminder that PERSONA has a new flagship store. BEAUTIFUL!!! (I'll make a post for the new store soon). Please come visit! Want a quick tp? Click here. :)
Credits for the ads:
HAIR: ETD - Juliana in chocolate
JEWELRY: Caroline's - Pearl Shoulder Dust Earrings
SKIN: Another Skin - Eloh's Lf0 (modified)
SHOES: L&E - Eva Pumps in coal and
Shiny Things - Lady slingbacks Salome Edition in pearl (for the group exclusive ad)

3 comentários:

Ana Lutetia disse...

woot! the new release is gorgeous

Caroline Apollo disse...

I love the casual classy look! I'm on my way over as soon as I can log in.

Myllie Writer disse...

Hi Ana! Thank you! :D

Caroline! Did you see I'm wearing your earrings in the ad? and there you go, I forgot to put the credits again! :P