terça-feira, 14 de outubro de 2008

New additions - customer's requests

Hi all!

PERSONA's mainstore has a suggestion box (on the small table, with the freebies) which I regularly check to see what my customers have to say. I DO hear you! And I try to follow your directions as much as I can. Don't believe me? Here's proof (hehe):

Some of you asked me for a red version of the feathers set, so, here you go!

Also following suggestions, the New Edition eyes now have 4 new colours: plain black, plum, cherry and blue-plum (like Liz Taylor's) :D

Yet on requests/suggestions, I'm adding jumps to the KIDS AO, but that's for another post.


Feathers ad:
Skin by KA Designs
Hair by Sixtynine (::69::)
Shoes by Adam n Eve

New Edition eyes ads:
Skin by SODA
Hair by SHOP SEU
Eye Lashes by Aphrodite Creations (the Dotted lashes are my faves)

Jewelry and poses by PERSONA

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