terça-feira, 14 de outubro de 2008

Freebie Jumps (for KIDS? - Nah, get one too!)

Someone asked me for a jump, to be included in the KIDS AO pack. It made all the sense to me, but how could I include it in the pack since many people already bought it as it was, it wouldn't be fair. Even if I tried to trace them all or put a note in the blog for everyone who had bought it before to IM me asking for the updates etc. Well, to sum up, I decided to give the jumps as a freebie. So now everyone can have it. Of course, I had to put a flip in that jump (hehe), which is fun, but I also included a very simple one, it's up to you. (I strongly recommend the flip, though :)

Available in 3 locations in game: PERSONA's main store, Adelebsen Isle and Hampton Heights.


Skin by D-Skin
Hair by BettiePage Voyager
Shoes: MaryJane Flats by boing fromage
Outfit by Chelsea's Children's Clothes (Ella Outfit in green)

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