sexta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2008

Poseballs, poses and feathers

This idea came from a question in the SL Posers group (Jezebelle, I'd love to send you this pack, but I forgot your last name! If you read this, please IM me). She wanted to know about poses that you coud use with children. Imediatiadly, this image (above) came to my mind and I felt the "itching" to make it. But I didn't know any kids in SL, so Sasy introduced me to the lovely Chelsea and her mom, Aradia. It's a pity I'm not a better photographer, cuz they looked more adorable than the picture could show. I meant to capture that period in your childhood when your mommy means the world to you and there's no better place than her lap.

For a complete change of mood, this is a modeling pack I've been working on, which I really liked. Since many of the poses show difference if your wearing hells or flat shoe bases, many of them have both options in the pack.

And this is the outfit I'm wearing in the photoshoots of the last pack of poses. For now, it comes only in black. I might be doing more colours, let's see...

Available in PERSONA, in SLX and Onrez.

Aradia Dielli is wearing PERSONA clothes and I'm sorry, but I didn't get the credits for hair and shoes and such.
Chelsea Grigg is wearing clothes she designs herself! Turns out she's a talented designer of kid's clothes, all lovely. If you're interested, go check CCC (Chelsea's Childrens Clothes).

Next, I'm wearing:
Skin by [KA] Designs;
Hair by Damselfly;
Shoes by Maitryea (poses pack ad) and Digit Darkes (Feathers set ad).
The sheer tights are from *FI* (First Impressions).
All the rest is PERSONA.

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Sasy Scarborough disse...

its a perfect pose , they look adorable in the pic and Chelsea the Mini Fashionista is a delight everytime i see her

xox Sasy xox

Myllie Writer disse...

Thanks Sasy!
I'm lucky to have you as a friend :)