domingo, 28 de setembro de 2008

Grand Opening Party polaroids

I've had the best time EVER! I want to thank everyone that could join me there and people who have sent me IM's, notecards, congratulations etc. THANK YOU!!! For those who could not make it, I totally understand, but I also hope the pics will maybe make you feel you wish you were there :P

Special thanks to Phoenix, my perfect party organizer, and duckyfresh, our awesome DJ!

I wanted to have a pic for each and every one of you, but unfortunately I've had computer problems and by the time I fixed that, some of you were already gone, so sorry if you don't see your pic below :(

Now, in alphabetical order:

6 comentários:

elka disse...

So sorry I couldn't make it in time... and CONGRATS!!!!! :3 Long live to Persona <3

Myllie Writer disse...

Thank you, elka! <3


I wish I could have make it but I was working as you know! I am really glad the party was a suceess, though I am not surprised! Everything you do, you do it weel =) I am so proud of you mummy :P

Luv ya


woooo so many mistakes in my english! LOL I need to learn how to speak/write!!! Rephrasing... everything you do, you do it well!

Myllie Writer disse...

Annah querida!!!
Thank you <3
(I'm still laughing and not used to this mommy/daughter thing, lol)


you're going to be my mummy forever :D just cuz I love you! and I tell you all my problems :P