sábado, 8 de março de 2008

Since you've asked...

You have asked, so here they are! I can't always attend to everyone's request, but sometimes I can and that makes me really happy :)

Here is the Helena dress in burgundy: (I did a white version too, but that one didn't come out so good :P)

The shirt part in the Helena dress comes with the high waist of the skirt, and I'm not changing the packs, since they're already huge as they are (I've been called "queen of layers"!). But I decided to go for the full shirts and made a few colors (8 actually) of it:

Now, below it's just me playing model with my poses:

Another popular request was for the satin sashes alone. I made it in many colours and colourable, so you can tint them infinetely.

Now, enough messing with Helena, huh?
All available in my mainstore PERSONA, in SLX and Onrez.


Hair: ETD - Roxie, in cinnamon ETD: Marisela II, in chocolate (sashes ad)
Skin: LF CHAI - nutmeg - Nude Freckle, in all Helena shirt ads except:

MMS (Minu) PaleNF - clean (in Helena shirt red and purple) and a not-for-sale modification of Eloh's LF0 skin (sashes ad)

Boots: LC Vamp - Melisande, in chocolate
Jeans: PERSONA - Hippie Chic - dark jeans and Pedalpusher - Low cut Denim mini-skirt (sashes ad)
Jewelry: Dahlings - Strawberry set (a lovely group gift!)

3 comentários:

Hethr disse...

Thank you for the shirts on their own! Also thank you for always doing layers, you know I need my layers.


Hachimitsu disse...

o.O YAY! Thank you so much! I can't wait to log in and get the burgundy Helena... *skips off grinning*

Myllie Writer disse...

Yvw, Hethr! "Layers are your friends", my teacher used to say. :)

Hachimitsu, I'm glad you've seen it, cause I couldn't find you inworld. ;)