domingo, 9 de novembro de 2008

More realistic avie

Yes, it's really nice to see all these people as their real selves. I've always tried to make my avie look like the real me, but no matter how hard I try, my avie always ended up looking prettier, younger, slimmer, doll-like-er. It's the nature of the avies, I guess. On the other hand, our avies will never have that "it" that only human bodies in person can have, a personal charm that is unique and can only be sensed, not seen. So, we're even :)

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"Você é linda...
Mais que demais
Vocé é linda sim..."

Apropriadissima a letra de Caetano Veloso!

Um beijo,

Achariya Rezak disse...

you look so lovely ! i envy your straight hair!

Myllie Writer disse...

Annah, minha querida que eu já tinha visto foto real e linda! Obrigada!

Achariya, thank you but don't envy me! To be honnest, I took this picture in March or so and I had done a kind of "straighten" thing in the hair salloon. My natural hair is curvier and frizier, lol

Cinthia Eckersley disse...

Myllie! I can see the resemblance in the avi a lot, you're beautiful!! Maybe the hair wasn't the closest one, probably a wavier-beachy one, like the Armidi ones could do the trick, but other than that, you look just like, well, You!! lol :D

Myllie Writer disse...

Thank you, Cinthia! I tried my best, really, but still it's so hard! Maybe we should do it differently, we should ask someone else to do us and we'd do other people too. It's always easier to picture someone else :)